Energy and energy-saving equipment Business Group Profile

C&C Group is headquartered in Los Angeles and San Francisco, providing global “corporate power and fuel saving solutions” and “legal, insurance, risk management services”, the Group revenue amounted to 400 million dollars (12 billion NT).

Energy-saving equipment business group has:

Shun Fu International Energy Technology Co., Ltd.                                                     

Shun Fu International Electrical  Industrial Co., Ltd.(China) 

Shun Fu International Electrical Industrial Co., Ltd.(Taiwan)                               

C & C Business Consultant Inc.(U.S.)                                                                                     

C & C Energy Saver Inc.(U.S.)

Republic of China as the world’s only national standards for equipment suppliers, as well as the drafters of national standard, enterprise saving equipment installed capacity planning purposes and to reduce fuel consumption in the PRC and Taiwan ranked first, also is Taiwan’s only legitimate equipment manufacturers ; energy-saving equipment business group started in 1990 dedicated professional energy system planning, design and fuel saving equipment research and development, production and other high-tech industries, after two decades of continuous innovation and development, it has to create its energy systems in an international leader in the research and development of high-tech energy devices are rigorously tested by long-term and positive, except with the general fuel saving features, more important is the provision of the regulator, reactance filtering Functional and electromagnetic balance technical, functional more complete than any commercially available brands, all models of products suitable for all regions worldwide, is currently in the Greater China region, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas region and the European Union and other business groups have been using this equipment, energy-saving equipment Business Group has been part of a world-class energy business group.

Shun Fu International Energy and International Electrical Industrial was founded in 1990, the main business items are: high-tech energy (electricity) system equipment. Solely on China and Taiwan already has installed more than 12,000 large customers of the company’s energy system equipment, scope of services throughout the world, saving an average of about 10% to 30% of the cost of electricity, has recently been installed client as follows.

Chinese regions: Chongqing: Chevalier department, FORMOLIGHT digital photo; Shandong: Weifang City People’s Hospital, Shengli Oilfield; Huizhou: EC electronic factory, Jing Hua Electronics Factory; Guangdong: Zhongshan Street Authority; Tianjin : Tianjin Chemical Plant; Shanghai: Changxing Cement; Wuhan: Chu Yuan Building, and Shenyang: Daqing Oilfield … and so on. Currently negotiating clients are: China Steel Group, Kunming Steel, CNR, Xinyu Iron and Steel, Formosa Taffeta Group … and other business users, providing services throughout the industry leader.

Taiwan regions: Formosa Plastics, Sun Moon Lake – Lalu, MSI Inc., gamma, electronics factory, the new Swiss initiative Textile Enterprise Co., Ltd., Carrefour hypermarket, China Telecom Base Station, China National Petroleum gas station National Petroleum gas stations, Pingtung Christian Hospital, Liouying ice plant, Tatung Co. porcelain factory in Hsinchu and Tainan Jia Huang Paper Co., Ltd., National Museum of Marine Biology and hot-dip zinc Sheng Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd., Taiwan Power Corporation Mingtan hydroelectric power plant, the Japanese Morinaga Seika … and so on. Customers currently negotiating with: COSTCO, unified industry, HSBC Taiwan Printed Circuit Board Corporation, Dragon Steel, AU Optronics, Hon Hai Group affiliates, Japanese Ability Enterprise, Dai Yu International … and other business users, providing services throughout the industry leaders.

Energy-saving equipment business group of devices in addition to saving energy effectively outside also highly return on investment after the installation of equipment to save electricity, an average of 1 to 2 years to spread back to equipment costs, equipment life up to 15 years, and by Chinese Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute National Grid’s first inspection and Economic Affairs of Taiwan BSMI tests have been passed; the Company’s installed program is absolutely in line with China Electric Power Research Institute in the provinces of norms and Taiwan Power Company Electricity Act and the relevant provisions of safe, energy-saving device business groups all over the world only consistent national standard equipment suppliers, as well as drafting of national standards bodies and the PRC People’s Republic of twelve five national platforms purchases only designated manufacturers in Taiwan, to corporate power equipment unit capacity and reduce fuel consumption planning purposes in the PRC andTaiwan ranked one, also as the only legitimate Taiwanese equipment manufacturer .

Due to the increasingly high price brings government agencies, educational organizations as well as individuals and businesses high operational management and marketing costs, reduce carbon emissions is the focus of global objectives, if your company need a better understanding of the Company can be based on your current Company “before twelve bills – electricity and other information related to history,” free “energy-saving benefit assessment reporting service” wish to assure you your reference!