Users of the power factor is very high, “Fu Shun Energy System” also saving you?


      Users of the power factor of the total distribution room measurements is relatively high, this is due to the user or the high voltage side of the transformer low voltage side of the power circuit for phase advance capacitor compensation results. Since the performance of the inductive load current versus voltage hysteresis, users generally use a phase compensation capacitor centralized or decentralized over compensation to improve the voltage and current of the θ angle, to improve power factor. Such a phase compensation capacitor main purpose is to reduce the loop reactive power, load capacity reduction system implementation. Taipower also requires each user to a power factor of 0.8 or more, depending on the transmission system in order to reduce the load capacity and reduce transmission reactive power.

      However, such a phase advance capacitor compensation method is not without cost, phase advance capacitor itself consumes power. “Shun Fu saving system” is not on the improvement of the power factor to compensate for inductive capacitive electricity this way, it belongs in appearance inductive devices, but it is possible to improve the power factor. This is because “Fu Shun Energy System” in the integration loop impedance, there are all kinds of impedance regulating role. Briefly, the device is to reduce the inductive inductive characteristics, the power factor changes in these terms, the aim is to save power. Therefore, even if the user total distribution room at the power factor is very high, “Fu Shun Energy System” or integrated in every moment of the loop impedance and thus save power and noted that, to improve the power factor is just one of the ways energy saving equipment.

So whether your power factor is how much you can rest assured that use “Shun Fu saving system” to do to improve the power saving