Energy system installed by a proposal to workflow

One. Data providers
1, at least One year’s annual electricity bill or fee by the customer to apply for annual power companies to “tariff history” and “history of electricity.”
2, live electrical equipment, maximum capacity and on-site power distribution box configuration diagram.
3, on-site measuring voltage and current, power factor and other data, the required diameter and length of use and saving electrical installation location.

Two. Benefits assessment analysis and presentations
1, the company provides electricity according to the customer information and on-site data, making assessment of the effectiveness of equity analysis reports, proposals for capacity and equipment payback period.
2, free for the installation of electricity customers to do testing, required to provide a reasonable amount of economic planning proposals.

Three. Contracts signed
When the decision to install energy-saving Shun Fu system, selectable paid installments or pay by installment, customers only need to complete and sign the application form and provide installment related information, usually in the submission of data that is three weeks after ㄧ installed can conduct engineering, but the actual situation still depends on the device’s energy saving system model and installation location.

Four. Installation
According to site conditions do advance preparation, installation, only a short time, power outages, usually takes half an hour to One hour outage time but they do still have to cut, as installing energy-efficient power saving system model and on-site construction conditions.

V. debug operation
Upon completion of installation, will conduct surveying and commissioning, in order to achieve maximum energy saving effect.