Shun Fu International Electrical Co., Ltd. Profile

Shun Fu International Electrical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991, under the leadership of chairman, with R & D, production and sales of various types energy (electricity) equipment products business, in recent years, the company’s products in addition to the general use of capacitive devices, but also development of a new generation of energy-saving (electric) equipment, the capacitor equipment, updates, more features, more efficient products.

The company’s high-tech research and development of energy (electricity) devices have been rigorously tested and long-term experiments show that, except with the general power-saving features, but more importantly is the addition of the regulator, reactance filtering and electromagnetic balancing technology, functionality than the market more complete on any brand, all products, models for various regions around the world, currently in China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the European countries, North, Central and South America have been using the company’s equipment.

Growing shortage of energy sources in the world, the development is not easy, environmental awareness, a new generation of alternative energy untapped successes, the first thing we have to do is to save electricity, and the company’s direction is from the concept of conservation of electricity Start the installation of our products, in addition to the machine itself to play a saving performance, the company and the customer’s electricity for a holistic understanding of the environment and in the manner proposed assessment report and recommendations, available to customers as an overall improvement in power efficiency reference.

Company Vision

Vision is an achievable dream, but also a cornerstone of enterprise management excellence. The Company is currently the superior energy industry, equipment installation capacity in Taiwan ranked one may say, can be seen the company actually is domestic energy power industry one of the leaders, but the cause of energy conservation in order to meet the challenges of globalization and seeking to maximize enterprise value of the company’s future will be “excellent reputation as a world-class energy business group” as the goal.

However, to the ranks among the world, we must have a world-class scale, with considerable revenue and profit, to become an international company, it must also have excellent corporate reputation, the future direction of the company will be in deep plowing operations electricity saving the industry. In the business attitude, good corporate governance, social responsibility, in addition to the initiative to meet customer demand for electricity saving, improve service quality, and will actively take on corporate social responsibility, social awareness, and helping the needy, caring for the community, attention to environmental protection, to enhance corporate image, innovation enterprise value.

Solemn statement

      Repeated on the market recently received a consumer response, there are many unscrupulous vendors claiming to be the company sells (agent) provider, but is not sold by the company’s products, more unscrupulous manufacturers questioned the authenticity of products by customers be more exaggerated rhetoric , saying that the product is produced in the factory along with the rich. The Company solemn statement above are all untrue statements, the Company will be sued if seized responsibility (currently Shi Kai Rui Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been told in our criminal), invites vendors to behave and not from wrong. Another vendor for providing fake information to the Company, with the approval of the Company verified sue (v), the amount of compensation regardless of the amount of a fine, full gift provider (the company provides identity be kept confidential).


Energy Saving Principal

Shun Fu International was founded in Taiwan 23 years ago with offices located throughout the world. All design and manufacturing is from Taiwan. Our high-tech parts are from Japan and Korea. It is the number one brand in several locations around the world providing global services and corporate design savings. Our power savers are the world’s most effective energy saving system, proven to directly improve the power quality and energy efficiency.




Shun Fu’s comprehensive services include energy management services, research and development, design, engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, equipment replacement, and consulting. We pride ourselves in being a flexible, diverse company that is able to fully meet our customer’s demand.



Energy Assessment

We provide an extensive energy evaluation, diagnostic testing, and analysis. A real power load reading is measured prior to the installation and after assessments are completed, one of our technicians reviews the electricity savings after the installation. This includes a customized solution plan and maintenance recommendations. The service is part of our Shun Fu’s “All-in-One” energy management service operating procedure (SOP), a result of our 23 years of research and development.


In addition, we also replace and upgrade the size of the power savers to accommodate and fit the exact specifications of our client’s needs should there be changes in the energy consumption. Because of our allencompassing services, we are able to keep maintenance costs low.




Our brand is well trusted and of the highest standard. Shun Fu is synonymous with energy-savings. For some clients, the high cost of electricity consumption comes from resistance equipments (heating elements) and 24/7 operating induction equipments (electric motors). Shun Fu’s power savers can effectively improve the


power quality, significantly reducing the cost of electricity.  Clients also have full control of the equipment settings. The configuration can be customized and start up and shut down if needed.



Guaranteed Cost Savings

Under a guaranteed savings contract, clients can expect to save an average of 10-30% on baseline energy costs. Our power savers cover different loading zones encompassing an all in one effective solution to generate load reduction. This applies to lighting, electric resistance equipment (heating element appliances), and induction equipment (electric motors).



Payback Period

Our energy efficiency projects have payback periods of 1 to 2 years. With the power saver having an average lifespan of 15 years, clients can be assured a high savings return annually. Clients can choose to pay upfront or with an installment loan plan. With an installment loan plan, the monthly energy cost savings is sufficient to be used to pay back the loan. Since average savings are between 10-30%, no investment is required. The no risk and high reward power saver is worth the savings.



Terms and Conditions

Shun Fu provides a legally binding contract with a two-year warranty and 10-year service warranty. The manufacture warranty period includes replacement coverage. In addition, clients also have the right to a full refund should the equipment fail to meet the consumer guarantee and savings rate. Our contracts can be notarized in a legally binding agreement.



National and International Certifications

Our commitment to delivering the best energy efficient technology has been recognized all over the world. Presently, we have over 20 national and International certifications including:



Societe Generale De Surveillance S.A Verification (2009)

Siemens of Germany Inspection Report (2005)

Taiwan Power Saver Patent (2012)

China Power Saver Patent (2012)

U.S. Power Saver Patent (2012)

Taiwan Product Quality Assurance Awards (2005)

Taiwan Bureau of Standard, Metrology & Inspection Qualified Testing (2001)

Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center Certification (1999)

Taiwan’s Fubon Insurance Product Liability Insurance (2009)

Drafted and established energy policies and programs for China’s National Standards Plan (GB / T 25099) (2010)

The only appointed Taiwan firm in China’s National Standards 12th Five Year Plan (2012)

China State Grid Corporation, Wuhan Research Institute test report (2005)

China National Security Test Standard (GB4706.1-1998 and GB/T2900.15)(1997)

China Chongking Power Research Institute Test Report (2005)

China National Energy Conservation Product Certification Standards (CCEC/T16.1)(2006)

ChinaBeijing Power Industrial Equipment Inspection Test (2005)

China Beijing Electric Inspection Institute Test (2005)

ChinaShanghai Electrical Equipment Inspection Institute Test (2005)

ChinaFujianCenter Inspection Test Qualification (2002)

China Petroleum Energy-Saving Testing Center Qualification (2002)