“Shun Fu saving system” is whether the buck?


   1 buck and “Fu Shun Energy System” structure is different:

     Buck is generally divided into two kinds of forms, one is the use of auto-buck coil wound on the same core, wrapped around the coil tap to change the number of turns to blood pressure. One is the combination of two independent group on the core itself winding type. “Shun Fu Energy System” in the structure is a pass in the end, that did not use tap autotransformer buck, nor is the use of changing the power supply side turns to regulate the output side of the buck, “Fu Shun Energy System” is the use of changing the amount of change within the coil of electromagnetic (magnetic flux) to regulate the voltage.

2 buck and a “Shun Fu Energy System” for different purposes:

Learned from the first point, the purpose is simple buck buck, while “Fu Shun saving system” is a dynamic in order for each phase voltage unbalance moments using magnetic beam (flux) to be adjusted, and the need to correct prior unbalanced voltage while leaving room for adjustment.

3 buck and a “Shun Fu Energy System” different effects on the power system:

Access buck power circuit, due to which itself is an inductive device, the power circuit may have a negative impact on the environment, such as increasing the reactive component, lower power factor. “Shun Fu Energy System” access power circuit after the circuit environment play a positive role. Such as elimination of harmonics, repair waveforms, purification loop. Of R, S, T, N of the phase adjustment, improve the power factor (in the case of low power factor). Integrated circuits various impedance, balanced each phase voltage, phase current to reduce N and so on.

Therefore, the “Fu Shun Energy System” non-belonging buck, you can safely use the “Fu Shun Energy System” power saving improvements made