Users have been very balanced three-phase power, “Fu Shun Energy System” also saving you?


      Users can not truly balanced three-phase power, the user’s local power circuit is a very complex system, the total electric power distribution room measurement is the measurement of the front end of the system, then perhaps a balanced three-phase power, but with the wiring an extension of the three-phase power is certainly showing its uneven trend, we can end N-phase (zero line) measured on the ground can know the power.

      In front of the system, N-ground voltage is almost zero, but in the end of the system, there is a certain relatively the N voltage. N relative to show that there is voltage neutral point of the three-phase four-wire (N-phase) has been generated drift phase has been uneven, the resulting N-phase current. The reason is that the local electric power circuit of the load characteristics are not the same, even if the user design is extremely balanced wiring, all using the same products from the same manufacturer. But because these products varies for each property, causing white power impossible balance. Furthermore, the power circuit when the high-order harmonic generation (by the fluorescent, electronic rectifier to generate high harmonics) whose impedance fluctuations can also cause unbalance.

From the above, even if the total distribution room in front of the three-phase power is balanced, but in fact every moment in the loop power is relatively balanced, “Shun Fu saving system” in an instant can dynamically balanced three-phase power, maintain the relative balance of the system, reducing the N-phase current, so as to achieve energy-saving purposes.

So whether you are three-phase power is balanced, you can rest assured that use “Fu Shun Energy System” power saving improvements made