Users voltage changes, the illumination of the lamp and whether it will affect life?


   1. Illumination:

     Because “Shun Fu saving system” to adjust the balance three-phase power before the need to correct the imbalance of power while leaving room for adjustment, usually set to adjust the slope of 6%, in fact, the front end of the power for the power correction adjustment rate decreased by about 5 percent, Power reduction is smaller than the front end of the power wiring that is in the original state, before changing the slope of the power drop. From the theory and practice, in a certain power range, the increase of the illumination with the power increase. But in the “Fu Shun Energy System” Electricity Act in compliance with domestic regulations (Article 36), as amended electricity for about 5% lower this range, the vast majority of the lamp illumination almost no effect.

(2) Life:

“Shun Fu saving system” to correct the life of the lamp after power has a positive effect, especially for incandescent lamps, quartz lamps, halogen lamps for power-sensitive type of lamp life significantly prolonged, and because “Fu Shun Energy System” using their own internal circulating current absorption to eliminate high harmonics of the electronic rectifier extend the life of these devices also plays an active role.

So whether you are what type of lighting, you can rest assured that use “Fu Shun Energy System” power saving improvements made