Reasons for poor power quality?


      With economic business development, the non-linear load will increasing deviation from sine wave power supply system will become increasingly serious distortion of the electrical systems and electrical equipment will have a serious impact and danger. 


  Cause of pollution Possible consequences
Harmonic Non-linear loads, such as electronics, core excitation class for electric arc furnace Shorten the life of electrical equipment, severe overvoltage, overcurrent or overload can lead to equipment failure
Voltage Flicker Sudden changes in load, such as electric arc furnace Make eye discomfort generator excitation system is unstable and the transformer OLTC
And broke into the voltage
Single-phase loads such as phase frequency furnace, high-speed rail, rapid transit system Motor overheating, computer monitors, communications interference
Inrush current Electric shock, switch and capacitor switching Too high or too instantaneous flow may cause the device to malfunction
Pulse Household appliances, mobile phone transmission and distribution wires Protection relay malfunction, communications interference
Voltage sag Shock, salt damage and man-made disasters Momentary power failure

Other: such as voltage instability, resistance is too high, the aging, the frequency is too high or too low, or even mismanagement, resulting in excessive power consumption reasons.
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