Fu Shun Energy System Introduction

  ※ saving concept

In the process of transporting the power supply, will be along the radio waves generated by the client and along multiple harmonic interference and pollution, so the user is exposed to the actual power may be in the clean but contaminated power unclean Electricity not only can not make more efficient load equipment operation, but the main reason leading to equipment heat, in this case not only the wear and tear caused by users of electricity tariff increase spending, and make a variety of devices while reducing heat loss and inviting their use life. And “reactance filtering Saver” function is harmonic interference filter and adjust the appropriate working electricity, provide more quality, stability and economic power to the equipment used in the work, in order to save money and extend the life of equipment to achieve the purpose, and effectively improve the power factor of the load itself.

“Reactance filter Saver” in principle, takes advantage of the principle of filtering and the reactance of the input power supply system will be high quality, harmonic current wave filter part, and the power regulator to utility power range, and then to load balance adjust the theoretical foundation that enables users to accept the lighting and better quality of machinery and equipment, power supply, to reduce the reactive power and increase electric power, with a special technique can save 10 to 30% of the electricity.

※ Product Features

  • Voltage and current to maintain the stability and balance to the actual electrical load for use, the use of the wave choke, the current balance of the operation done in order to maintain the balance of current and voltage, the ineffective removal of excess electricity flow, in order to achieve energy-saving purposes.
  • The excess supply of voltage and phase unbalance vectors (three-phase or single-phase three-wire) to balance adjusted for the application of voltage, remove invalid electricity, enhance motor mechanical efficiency, balanced operation, can protect electrical life, so make the most efficient use of electricity in order to achieve energy-saving purposes.
  • The use of a simple construction reactors replace semiconductors and other electronic circuits to achieve the effect of improving the electricity consumption, so that the heat wave and other useless power consumption is almost completely eliminated in order to achieve energy-saving purposes.

※ Four guarantee

  • First, legal guarantee

Legal construction, does not violate the Taiwan Power Company Operating Rule 95 Electricity Act and Section 106 of the stealing behavior, after installation of the product but also sent a letter to the Taiwan Power Company, Taiwan Power engineering personnel hired to install the spot survey, in order to ensure the legality of the product.

  • Second, effect guaranteed

Guaranteed monthly savings of up to 10 mobile tariffs to 30% less than this standard unconditional disassemble refund. High return on investment, cost recovery quickly, the user an average of about 1 to 2 years recyclable investment costs.

  • Third, safety assurance

This product has passed the Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center, Taiwan Electronics Testing Center, Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Standards, Fujian Provincial Center for Control, Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute mainland national grid safety inspection and performance testing by Fubon Insurance Company to provide new NT $ 100 million of product liability insurance, to ensure that the interests of consumers.

  • Four, warranty guarantee

This product is high-tech electronic components, the failure rate is very low, under normal use, the company offers two years of free warranty, no attenuation conditions, product life of up to two years or more.