Buck will be able to saving? Then why use ” Shun Fu Energy System”?


      Buck can not achieve energy-saving purposes. This is because the buck has a common transformer common characteristics, namely its own power consumption, low loss transformers in an ideal environment, its own power (copper losses + iron loss) is approximately 6.1KW/500KVA, real power circuit and not ideal. Thus, the general power transformer itself is far greater than the power consumption under ideal conditions. Secondly transformers are inductive devices, the power factor of the power circuit plays a negative impact buck does not truly saving. Therefore, people generally do not use buck this thankless way to conserve power.

      And “Shun Fu Energy System” is different, it is really save energy, the energy saving many ways, it works from the point of view, when from the input terminal R, S, T of each phase voltage and current through each set of coils to adjust the magnetic flux.When the power generation of the phase unbalance moment, magnetic flux will complement each other and corrected to reduce the difference, try to maintain the three phase; same time, phase adjustment of the voltage and current of the coil phase adjustments to improve the power factor, reduce reactive components, to achieve energy saving purposes.

“Shun Fu saving system” can also make use of their high-order harmonic circulating current absorption, to repair the waveform to reduce reactive power and reduce line losses and transformer burden, “Shun Fu saving system” but also on the power circuit of each Class impedance (resistive, inductive, capacitive etc.) for effective integration, reduce the load (motor) start the peak current, the power supplied to the load side of the power to the optimum state, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the loss of electricity.”Shun Fu saving system” itself is very low loss, “Fu Shun Energy Systems” at full load itself when losses are typically less than 0.3%.

So buck can not achieve energy saving purposes, you can rest assured that use “Shun Fu  Energy System” power saving improvements made