China State Grid Profile

China State Grid Profile
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State Grid Corporation is the world’s largest power company, formerly known as the National Grid and all power plants, including the “National Power Corporation.” Began in 2000 with “Chang Wangfen” as a symbol of power system reform, the former State Power Corporation separated from the power transmission, distribution and other services by the national grid network, China Southern Power Grid to run two power grid companies, and each power plant Five were classified belong “Power Group” operation.

SGCC (State Grid) was established in December 29, 2002, was approved by the State Council agreed to state-authorized investment institutions and state holding company pilot unit. Company as a national energy security and national economy of key state enterprises to invest in the core business of construction and operation of the grid for the economic and social development to provide strong power to protect. Companies registered capital of 200 billion yuan, business area covers 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, covering more than 88% of the land area. Company general manager responsibility system, the general manager of the company’s legal representative.
The company’s Chinese name: State Grid Corporation;
The Chinese company referred to as: the State Grid Corporation
English name: State Grid Corporation of China
Abbreviation: State Grid abbreviation: SG.

China Guodian Corporation on December 29, 2002 established mainly for power generation integrated Power Group, mainly engaged in the development, investment, construction, operation and management, organizational power (heat) production and sales; engaged in coal, power generation facilities, new energy, transportation, high-tech, environmental protection industry, technical services, information consulting and other business-related power investment, construction, operation and management; engaged in domestic investment and financing business, operating independently carry out foreign trade flows, international cooperation, foreign project contracting and foreign labor service cooperation business. In 2010, the company selected the world’s top 500 enterprises. In 2013, 500 in the world ranking boosted to 299.

China Guodian Corporation Since its establishment, especially in the past five years, thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, solid progress, “an effort to develop new energy to lead business transformation to building an innovation-oriented enterprises to promote the development mode, building first-class integrated power bloc” development strategy, industrial layout, and power structure continued to improve profitability and risk-resisting ability significantly improved overall strength significantly increased. In the first term to the third term of the SAC assessment and evaluation 2006-2007,2009-2012 won nine of “A” class, and won the “outstanding performance enterprises”.

As of the end of June 2013, the company controllable installed capacity of 121 million kilowatts, the total assets of nearly 750 billion yuan, industry throughout the country 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Control the amount of 16 billion tons of coal resources, coal production capacity 72.67 million tons. Unique new energy development, wind power installed capacity reached 15.48 million kilowatts, ranking first in the world. To energy saving and high-tech equipment manufacturing industries mainly in the power generation industry in a leading position, the cumulative approved national R & D center 6, Enterprise Technology Center 8, a total of 815 intellectual property rights, was named national “innovation-oriented enterprises . “